University of California, Berkeley

MDP Director:
Michelle Reddy



The Master’s of Development Practice (MDP) at the College of Natural Resources of the University of California, Berkeley, is a two-year program that will be launched in August 2012. Courses that will be offered include, for example, Climate Change and Energy, Environmental Economics and Policy, Marketing and Innovation, and Law, Politics, and Policymaking. Students will have ample opportunity to take electives. Enrollment of the incoming class will number about 50.

Partnering with UC Berkeley in support of the MDP program is a host of organizations and agencies, including the Asia Foundation, the Berkeley Water Center, the College of Public Affairs at the University of the Philippines Baños, International Rivers, Saint Petersburg State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and WET Africa.

Students at UC Berkeley, established in 1868, enjoy an intellectual environment marked by Berkeley’s world-renowned graduate programs across a wide range of disciplines. The flagship of the University of California system, Berkeley is situated on a campus of more 6,000 acres and has an enrollment of more than 10,000 graduate students and 25,000 undergraduates. Its College of Natural Resources (CNR), dedicated to human welfare and the environment, has four departments, which emphasize nutrition, agriculture, plant and microbial biology, and environmental science. CNR confers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including the PhD, and houses diverse research centers.