James Cook University

MDP Director:

Dr. Kearrin Sims

Email:  Kearrin.sims@jcu.au OR Kearrin.sims@gmail.com

Program Website:  Here

Other website:  https://www.rethinkingdevelopment.net




Join a new generation of ethical global citizens and change-makers. Become equipped with the skills and expertise to address pressing global challenges such as poverty alleviation, social justice, inequality, climate change, economic growth and sustainable resource management.

Through a multi-faceted approach to learning, you will develop the technical skills to take on high-level roles in civil society organisations, government agencies, and the private sector. It will enable you to acquire complex theoretical knowledge in development that is informed by multidisciplinary perspectives.

Access opportunities to undertake an individual research project and domestic or international learning internships that will expand your professional network. Participate in projects that respond to global and community priorities including partnerships aimed at creating a brighter future for life in the tropics.

JCU’s position in tropical Australia, and our relative proximity to remote communities, provides a unique platform for engaging with pressing global development issues, such as extractive industries and infrastructure expansion, as well as indigenous futures.