MDP Collaborating Organizations

MDP partner universities enhance the MDP network by linking it to the many and varied development organizations with which they have forged relationships.  These organizations range from corporate and governmental to not-for-profit and non-governmental agencies.  They include academic, health, ecological, poverty-alleviation, management, and a multitude of social institutions.

Global MDP programs have a mutually beneficial relationship with these agencies.  The MDP programs are training and providing practitioners who will have a rich awareness of the need for holistic approaches to development challenges.  The agencies provide, in turn, a living laboratory to prepare–through field site placements, internships, or other opportunities–and later to employ well-prepared development practitioners.

Some of these collaborating organizations function primarily in the local region shared with the partner MDP program; some are working internationally and have formed direct relationships with the Global MDP Secretariat.  Those organizations working with the partner MDP programs primarily are local agencies where MDP students can intern during their school semesters, participate in short-term field work, and be placed during their three-month field training.  In turn, the organizations can attend or deliver classes, guest lectures, special events, and virtual programs, by being part of the Global Association.

If your agency would be interested in becoming affiliated with one of the partner programs or directly with the Secretariat, please contact the MDP Secretariat at


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