Regional SAAC

Each MDP Institution should have 2-3 representatives, all of whom sit on their respective Regional SAAC.  The regions are (East Asia, South Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Europe).  See the most recent list of MDP programs by regions here.

Regional SAACs are responsible for:

  1. Coordinating regional SAAC interests
  2. Reporting activities to the Global SAAC Leaders
  3. Communicating with the Global SAAC  Leaders when required
  4. Providing MDP curriculum input to the MDP Secretariat
  5. Electing two to three representatives to the Global SAAC

Regional SAACs should:

  1. Establish themselves.  With information provided by your Global SAAC Leader, contact your regional schools and set up a meeting.  The Global SAAC Leader from your region can assist you  with the initial meeting.
  2. Ensure the group is familiar with the SAAC Constitution and establish a chair and other positions.  The Global SAAC Leader will hold elections in the summer for 2-3 new representatives from each regional SAAC.
  3. Ensure information flow between MDP students and the Regional and Global SAACs.

North American Regional SAAC

Those who wish to get involved with setting up the North American SAAC an contact Colleen Kredell through the MDP Facebook page

Latin America Regional SAAC

Looking for coordinators!

East Asia Regional SAAC

Looking for coordinators!

Southeast Asia  Regional SAAC

Looking for coordinators!

Africa Regional SAAC

Looking for coordinators!

Europe Regional SAAC

Looking for coordinators!