Sope Afolayan


Sope Afolayan is a Circular Economy enthusiast, a Clinton Global Initiative Fellow, a member of Chatham House UK, and the Chapter Organizer, OpenIDEO Lagos Chapter; a community of designers, innovators, and researchers passionate about applying design thinking to create social impact. He is the coordinator of Carbon Offset Project, Africa (COP-Africa), a department of Imaginations for Making Africa Great, Empowered, and Sustainable (IMAGES INITIATIVE). He founded Garden in a Box Africa (GarbA), an organic vegetable garden starter kit social enterprise, with a mission to inspire and cultivate 1 billion organic vegetable gardens by 2050. He is a member of the Africa Circular Economy Research and Policy Network (ACERPiN), a network of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in Africa. He is a winner of the 2021 Food Systems Game Changers Lab price. As a second-year Master’s in Global Development Practice (MDP) student, he spearheaded and co-organized a few development initiatives in Nigeria, including the first “Sustainability Week” conference in Oyo State, Nigeria. As the African Regional Project Officer of Student and Alumni Advisory Council (SAAC) for Global Master’s in Development Practice (Global MDP), he is excited about inspiring change through initiating and managing innovative development projects. As a brand and marketing development strategist, he has consulted for Startups, SMEs and multinational corporations. He is the author of the book “Stop Thinking Outside the Box.”