Adolfo Argüello Vives
Adolfo Argüello Vives holds a master’s degree in public policy from King’s College London, UK, and a master’s degree in development practice from Sciences Po, France. He served as finance chair of the board at the National Evaluation Academy 2019-2021 (Mexico), where he promoted evaluation techniques in Mexico. He coordinates the preparation of public projects and cost-benefit evaluations.
In his work, Adolfo draws on considerable experience as a consultant for large infrastructure projects, with a particular focus on development effectiveness and fostering competitiveness. He served as the chief planning officer at the Ministry of Tourism in Chiapas, Mexico.
As Latin America Regional Chair, Adolfo seeks to build a network of students and alumni not only based in the subcontinent, but inclusive of the Global MDP alumni interested in exchanging knowledge on the implementation of policies and research that impact the SDGs.