MDP Global Association Benefits

The benefits of Global Association membership are quite attractive:

1. Collaborative Exchange: Members enthusiastically engage in meaningful interactions with other program directors, staff, and fellow students, fostering vibrant discussions encompassing curriculum design, field practicums, research prospects, career development, and faculty mobility. This collaborative atmosphere fuels innovation and cultivates a collective drive towards excellence.

2. Knowledge Sharing Platform: A virtual global repository serves as a treasure trove of student policy briefs and publications derived from field practicums. This dynamic platform fosters the sharing of research and insights, facilitating mutual learning and pushing the boundaries of sustainable development knowledge.

3. Synergistic Projects: Global Association membership opens doors to exciting joint projects, such as collaborative book endeavors, joint publications, and co-development of grant proposals. By combining resources and expertise, members create a powerful force for positive change, amplifying their impact on the global development stage.

4. MDP Student and Alumni Advisory Council: Participation in the MDP Student and Alumni Advisory Council offers an enriching opportunity to embrace a sense of purpose, belonging, and involvement in something greater than oneself. Students are empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and actively shape the direction of the MDP program, collectively forging a path towards a sustainable future.

5. Co-Creators of the International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice: As distinguished co-founders and co-leaders of the prestigious annual International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice, Global Association members take center stage in this transformative event. Students are encouraged to present their research and insights on panels, elevating their voices and propelling the global dialogue on sustainable development.

6. Access to Valuable Resources: Global Association members gain unfettered access to a wealth of resources offered by the SDSN and SDG Academy, including the highly regarded SDG Academy Virtual Library and the MDP Global Classroom course. These resources, invaluable to anyone interested in sustainable development, provide insights, tools, and inspiration to propel positive change. Moreover, members have direct access to the MDP Secretariat, situated within the prestigious SDSN and the renowned SDG Academy, fortifying their connection to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.

7. Profound Learning at the MDP Summit: The annual MDP Summit serves as an unrivaled platform for members to immerse themselves in the latest thinking and best practices in development practice. This immersive event facilitates troubleshooting, collaborative problem-solving, and knowledge exchange, empowering members to stay at the forefront of global development advancements.

8. Exemplary Network: Global Association membership affords an insider view of global development practice, establishing links to esteemed academic institutions and key partners worldwide. From Columbia University to Jeffrey Sachs’s renowned Center for Sustainable Development, members gain unparalleled access to a powerful network of expertise, opportunities, and influential connections.

In summary, Global Association membership harnesses the power of collaboration, unlocking a multitude of benefits that span from meaningful interactions to groundbreaking publications, transformative project partnerships, active participation in influential events, and access to a network of global development pioneers. It is through these benefits that members truly make their mark on the landscape of sustainable development, shaping a better world for generations to come.