Step 7:  Write Research Plan

Step 7:  Write Research Plan

Once you have the signed the Acceptance Letter and Conditions Agreement, work with your MDP Faculty Advisor to prepare a plan of no more than 5 single-spaced pages.  In brief, the research plan should include:

  •  An abstract of no more than 250 words explaining the research project in non-technical language
  • Initial plan with brief information on the bullets below.
    •  Introduction and Contextual Information
    • Conceptual framework of the Field Practicum
    • Matrix providing a concise summary of your research plan
    • Timeline for your field practicum
    • Presentation of preliminary results
    • Potential problems
    • Bibiliography
    • Appendix
    • IRB approval or an indication from the IRB office that they do not need IRB approval

See here more specific guidelines on the research plan.

Once the research plan is ready, you should send it to your MDP Faculty Advisor for review and approval.   Your MDP Faculty Advisor should designate their approval with a signature on the plan’s approval sheet.  The signed Plan Approval Form should be uploaded to the online matching system.

Note:  the research plan should be as specific as possible even though conditions often change in the field.