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Nina Miller

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The Regis University MDP Program meets the urgent global need for a new generation of development practitioners. Achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 will demand integrated policy and practice that is state savvy, earth friendly, and grounded in the realities of communities everywhere. We seek students who are ready to meet this challenge, whether from affluent or at-risk contexts. Once enrolled, our students move through the program in one of many Learning Communities, constituted by geographic region, development sector focus, or organizational affiliation. Learning Communities instantiate a holistic development approach powered by the insights of humanity: generational, gendered, regional, disciplinary, metropolitan and rural.

The Regis MDP offers an integrated, collaborative, accessible and affordable program for working and aspiring development professionals. Our graduates demonstrate holistic development knowledge and skills, garnered from eight core courses and a 120-hour practicum, an initial 3-month field immersion, an elective four-course track, and a second 3-month field immersion.  As the final deliverable of their program, the Learning Communities produce formal case studies that contribute to a growing body of development knowledge.

The Regis MDP may be completed in two to three years; a one-year Certificate of Development Practice is also available. These alternatives accommodate the diverse needs of students from villages to cities across the earth.

The Regis MDP makes the resources of several key partners available to its students. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provides scholarships, connectivity solutions, access to its own Smart Village Program; and the Global Classroom at the Posner Center for International Development. Posner itself is the first collaborative space of its kind, facilitating lasting development solutions among 60 organizations working in more than 100 countries.  These entities are either Denver-headquartered organizations or the Rocky Mountain regional office of global programs. The BlueJeans Network provides our state of the art, virtual-visual-audio platform for global learning – the guts of the IEEE Global Classroom.  Through its partnership with U.S. Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows, the Regis MDP offers scholarships to returning Peace Corps volunteers as well as the community and development leaders with whom they have worked.  In cooperation with Esri, students learn geospatial mapping across several courses and through their applied fieldwork. Regis MDP students examine the integrative educational principles of the Jesuits, who have pursued holistic development for nearly 500 years.  Their network spans six continents, including 24/7 access to reference librarians and library resources at 189 Jesuit universities.  The Regis MDP is taught by an international team of academics and practitioners, addressing the twenty-nine core Development Practice competencies set by the Global Association of MDP programs.

Our tiered tuition, technology resources and passionate commitment to the interplay among diverse realities makes the dynamic, quality education of the Regis MDP program a reality for people who would otherwise have no access to such a privilege. Our students join from their place of development work.  No one need relocate to Denver for full and inclusive participation in these applied graduate studies.

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