KDI School of Public Policy and Management


KDI School of Public Policy and Management was founded in December 1997 under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development. The School has two overarching missions – to produce international experts with theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in the field of development economics and public policy, and to foster future leaders who can cope with the rapidly changing international environment and exercise global leadership in every sector of our society.

KDI School currently offers three Master degree programs (Public Policy, Development Policy and Public Management) and two Doctorate degree programs (Public Policy and Development Policy). Among the three Master level programs, MPP was accredited by NASPAA in 2014, and KDI School is currently in the process of getting the MDP and MPM programs accredited by NASPAA as well.

The School also offers great diversity, accepting approximately 350 students each year of which 50% consist of international students from roughly 80 countries around the world. Most students come from the public sector (e.g. government officials, public corporation employees) and the majority benefit from extensive scholarship schemes offered by various organizations including KOICA.

MDP Program Introduction


Based on the Korea Development Institute’s hands-on experience in the field of development policy over the past four decades, the Master of Development Policy (MDP) program offers a curriculum where students can examine various issues of socio-economic development in both theoretical and practical frameworks. The program is specifically targeted for professionals in the field of development including government officials, development consultants, and regional specialists who wish to contribute to development policy-making and the implementation, poverty eradication in addition to millennium development goals (MDGs). Students must take the required core courses as well as a certain number of courses from the field of Sustainable Development or International Development.

2. Academic Goals

The MDP program at KDI School aims to:

  • Build capacity in understanding, formulating, and implementing economic and social policies of developing countries; and
  • Train experts in the fields of international development

To learn more about KDI’s MDP program go here, https://www.kdischool.ac.kr/#/www/cp/academics/programs/masters_program#top