Instituto Politécnico do Porto, P.PORTO, Portugal

Mestrado em Práticas do Desenvolvimento

Master in Development Practice

APPLICATIONS.  This programme is a member of the Global Association of MDP programs.  The Master in Development Practice (MDP) was approved by the Portuguese Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education and it will be teaching at all the organisational units of P.PORTO.

PROGRAMME.  The programme is based on the CDIO’s methodology – CONCEIVE, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT, OPERATE ( –, and is multidisciplinary because stands out in four different fields: Health; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences and Management. Fully lectured in English, the MSc in Development Practice aims to train qualified and professional people with the skills necessary to implement brand new sustainable solutions.


the MDP coordinator: José Carlos Quadrado:
the MDP director (academic director): Eduarda Pinto Ferreira
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