CATIE (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza)


Isabel Gutierrez- Montes, PhD.
Program Director

Alejandro Imbach, MSc.
Program Co-director

Felicia Ramirez, MSc
Field Experience Coordinator

The Masters in Development Practice (MDP) is a program of 18 consecutive months in the graduate school at CATIE in Turrialba, Costa Rica. The first 12 months are dedicated to full-time study, practical field work experiences and residence on the CATIE campus in Turrialba, Costa Rica. In the last six months, students undertake field training, also on a full-time basis, but located at a site chosen by the student in any country in Latin America and the Caribbean. The MDP is taught in Spanish but is open to professionals worldwide.

CATIE, established in 1946, is a regional research and higher education center in agriculture and natural resources. A regional organization with an academic mandate for Latin America and the Caribbean, CATIE is uniquely positioned to participate in the MDP program. CATIE programs are recognized for the multidisciplinary nature of their focus on crosscutting issues—various social issues and governance, climate change, competitiveness and value chains, and territorial approaches—that are important to agriculture and natural-resource management. A large proportion of CATIE’s graduates (more than 70 percent in a recent survey) occupy leadership positions in diverse institutions and so are poised to rapidly develop into an influential network of leaders and managers who are prepared to apply the concepts, approaches, and instruments of the MDP program.

CATIE’s educational program is intimately linked to its research and development program, which is implemented throughout Latin America. This link to on-the-ground realities provides students with a life-changing experience that integrates the academic, scientific, cultural, social, economic, and policy dimensions of issues in sustainable development.

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