Associates are Institutions dedicated to building an MDP program and becoming full MDP Partners as per the guidelines set out in the Final Commission report. The MDP Secretariat will provide up to one year of support and guidance to help interested institutions develop their MDP program.

Current Associate Member(s):       

Benefits of Membership:  One-year support and guidance from the MDP Secretariat as they develop a full-MDP program

Fee Structure:  A membership fee is charged to all university members of the global association of MDP programs.

Prerequisites Required for Membership: Interest in building their capacity to offer a full MDP program.  Submission of a narrative proposal with itemized budget.  Details of proposal requirements summarized here:

  • Two-year proposed MDP curriculum, with names of courses, descriptions, and notation of each course as new or existing.
  • Bios of faculty, with an indication of which faculty will teach which course.
  • Detailed information on specific field training sites and projects.
  • Budget for five years, indicating how the program will support itself.
  • Indication of where in the curriculum issues of gender and development will be covered.
  • Proposed name of the proposed MDP program. We prefer all member programs be called Master’s in Development Practice.
  • Answers to the questions: (1) will partnerships with other universities be established (or existing relationships utilized) specifically for the MDP? and (2) If so, which ones, and what is the nature of the partnership?

Please feel free to contact the MDP Secretariat ( ) for additional information.