Abubakar Nazir Khan

Abubakar is currently completing a Master’s in International Development and Management from Lund University, Sweden. He has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and Master’s in Project Management. His professional experience includes being appointed as a public officer in the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. During his 5 years of professional life Abubakar led different projects funded by national and international agencies (World Bank, Unicef and ADB) focusing on SDG 6 and SDG 11. He also drafted Public Rules and Regulations on Affordable Housing and Joint Venture/Public Private Partnership and got them approved by the Provincial cabinet. Abubakar has done research on Characterization of WasteWater Treatment Plants, Restructuring of Public Autonomous Bodies and on New Trends and Strategies in Low Cost Housing. His interests and hobbies include going on hikes and playing E-Games.