Participate in Global Classroom: Foundations of Sustainable Development this Fall 2020

Global Classroom: Foundations of Sustainable Development Practice was introduced in 2008 by Columbia University before the establishment of the  first Master’s in Developent Practice (MDP) program in 2009. (It was initially called Global Classroom: Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development.) The intent of this 14-week course is to provide Master’s-level students from universities around the world, as well as interested individuals in civil society, the private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations, the opportunity to learn sectoral and thematic knowledge on important challenges in sustainable development from leading experts in the field of sustainable development. The course leverages technology  (currently Zoom Video Conferencing) to allow for instantaneous live interaction between students, faculty, and guests worldwide.

Global Classroom has been a way for MDP students to hear critical and multiple perspectives on sustainable development. It has also proven to be adaptable to local needs. For instance, some MDP programs follow the one-hour global course with a moderated discussion that is locally facilitated. Other programs have created their own version of Global Classroom in Spanish. And others, because of the differences in time zones, complement the course with case studies, for example, to explore the topic of sustainable development. The success of Global Classroom inspires continued experimentation with technology that crosses borders and brings together diverse audiences.

We hope you enjoyed our first presentation on September 8, 2020 and Q&A by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs. A recording has been posted to the course website alongside the lecture slides; you can access both directly here.

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