Best IFAD Practicum Report Winners


  • Olawale Olayide says:

    Congratulations to the duo (Bolanle & Olufemi).
    You are indeed the best and award winners.
    I believe in your ability to excel, and be out-STANDING.
    You have worked so hard to earn the honour.
    You are now celebrities :-).
    I rejoice with you on this honour won with great toil.
    Olawale Olayide

  • Lanre Olaniyan says:

    On behalf of CESDEV, University of Ibadan, I congratulate Bolanle Titlola and Olufemi Osinowo, our students in CESDEV for winning the best Practicum presenters out of all participants from over 23 universities at an event in Columbia University, New York We are proud of you. Congratulations

  • Toyib Aremu says:

    Congratulations on this new feat to you too, senior colleagues. Thank you for making the University of Ibadan proud. We look up to you, and hope to follow the path of greatness that you have both co-led.

  • Olamide Emmanuel ABILOYE says:

    May you record greater achievements in providing Solutions to evolving global challenges.

  • Toyosi Oye says:

    congratulations! I am a Columbia student and I can boldly say that this award is well deserved!

  • Olu Ikulajolu says:

    Ways back, I new CESDEV can match the world in all standards. The duo of Bolanle and Femi had proven once again the Can-Do-Spirit of Nigerians. The honours are not just for the recipients, not for CESDEV family alone, not just for the University of Ibadan, but for the entire country. Congratulations. You are simply awaresome.

  • Olu Ikulajolu says:


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